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Structural Calculation

We realize structural calculations and verifications of several structures types, both for sustain and support. Structures are calculated and verified in accordance to actual standards (NNTC2008, EC3, AISC). We realize evaluations accordingly to all of the italians and/or foreign safety standards. Every solution is analyzed depending on site's features, building destination of use and customer's needs. Possibility of signing by registered engineers.

We operate in a wide variety of scopes to respond and satisfy in the best way to requests from the industrial production field in any degree of complexity, offering complete studio and design structural services:

  • Iron load-bearing structures
  • Covering reticular structures
  • Iron canopies
  • Safety stairs, access ramps and other building completion works
  • Specific works for particular production needs such as: hoppers supports, furnaces scaffoldings, supports for storage or blending areas
  • Foundation load calculation of examined structures and evaluation of base and attach junctions
  • Calculation of Fireplaces Fumes

Thanks to our staff's professionalism and expertise, we are able to provide each project with  the most appropriate technical solution given its architectural context and to elaborate on demand projects bringing them to exact completion in respect of any external constrains.

We evaluate with our customer all found problems, providing the best solution in respect of customer needs and required specifications.


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