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Metal Junctions Calculation

Structures verification goes beyond single beam verification, reaching verification of each and every steel structures's component such as unions and junctions.

Verification is done accordingly actual calculation codes in each of their aspects: loadig agents analysis and same combination required from verification standard. All of the junction components are evaluated. In case the adopted verification standard won't qualify or to optimize the verification, then we pass to a more more complete model analysis with loads and finite elements (FEM-FEA). Possibility of signing by registered engineers.

We create calculation sheet for standard junctions verification, accordingly to customer's needs.


Metallic junctions analysis, as foretold, is done even in specific cases by FEM-FEA analysis to include real behaviour of them under required solicitation.

Few examples.

Example 01 - Staircase sustains union
The reported example is a junction analysis ordered by a client in design phase.

In addition to staircase structural analysis we have been asked a careful evaluation of a non standard junction and therefore we decided in agreement with the customer to careful evalutate all elements through a FEM analysis.

Assembly Modelling

Stress Analysis - Von Mises

Displacement Analysis

Local Analysis - Bearing stress verification

Local Analysis - Membering

Local Analysis - Membering -Section

Example 02 - Sailing Support Union
The following analysis have been made on an already designed junction which gave subsidence signs in windy condition. These signs have been confirmed after an accurate loads analysis and elements modeling which where overstressed. We have been asked to propose several solutions without affecting the original idea of the junction and without structural modification to support elements.

Starting Model

Stress Analysis - Worst Load condition

Distortion Analysis - Worst Load Condition

Given the impossibility to modify used materials and element thickness, we decided to strengthen the element adding new elements and verifying the assembly under the same load conditions.


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