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Software Development Solutions

Thanks to our experience and professionality we are able to develop tailored software solutions for our customers.

Whether they are CAD, CAM, production management applications, our software development approach allows to get results since early stages.

We always try to break down the project in several smaller modules to develop step by step giving the chance to customer to get tangible and verifiable results in shorter times, allowing a better examination of what we are developing, without loosing the overall view of the entire project.

Life cycle of applications developed by us always contemplates results verification with customer and correspondence with both starting requirements and new features requested in course of implementation.

Development languages mostly used (C++, Visual Basic and LISP) reflect specific professional choices aiming to guarantee:

  • application's solidity
  • easy installation
  • software durability for better valorization of investments

An application "Built" following consolidated standards and not temporary "Trend", makes users safe from problems due to new operative system, patch, service pack or marketing campaigns operated from major software vendor, which unfortunately are a reality today..

Pure language anyway is not enough. We are able to operate with the most widely valued tools and framework to better develop our programs. Here are few samples:

  • MFC: world standard for user interface development
  • ObjectARX: Autodesk's platform for application development
  • COM: reusable components development
  • TCP/IP interprocess communication (socket)
  • MySql to develop big database

Our developers multi decade programming experience, joint to constant technical update, allows us to satisfy whatever need and, overall, guide and advice customers in choosing the best solution for their problems.

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Our applications:

  • Designation macro procedure
  • CAD-Accounting link
  • CAD-CRM link
  • Import/Export of design data to/from third party applications
  • CAD-CAM link
  • External formats coversion
  • Data list creation



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